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Family Medicine

Magnificat Wellness Center offers comprehensive family medicine services to residents of Spring, Texas and the surrounding communities.Read+

PRP Treatments

The PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment is a natural, revolutionary approach to rejuvenating the bodies damaged tissue by repairing old cells. Read+

Anti-Aging Treatments

Our goal is to become your skincare partner and develop a treatment plan for you that will keep your skin clear, beautiful and glowing all year. Read+

Hormone Replacement

For those who have been diagnosed with perimenopause, menopause or low testosterone; we offer hormone replacement therapy, designed to reduce. Read+

Medical Weight Loss

Our total approach to weight loss ensures that we provide you real help and real care, not empty promises. This is incorporated into a program that helps you achieve.Read+

IV-Drip Nutrient Therapy

Magnificat Wellness Centers signature vitamin and nutrient IM booster injections include vitamin B12 for lasting energy, slimming boost.Read+

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Team Members

Magnificat Wellness Center

Dr. Araceli Amador
Managing Director

Dr. Araceli Amador is a Board Certified Family Medicine Doctor with aFellowship in Functional

Dr. Pablo Amador
Medical Officer

Dr. Pablo Amador is a Board Certified Family Medicine Doctor
in Spring, Texas.

Magnificat Wellness Center


I have already made recommendations to other family members and friends to use this primary care provider. Dr. Amador shows care and personally returns phone calls. An excellent provider that makes you feel that you are getting the best treatment possible.

Alan Stevens / Spring

“I came to MWC because I was feeling out of focus, weak in the gym, and I lacked the sex drive i was used to. Dr. Amador determined that my testosterone was low and put me on a hormone therapy to replace what my body was no longer producing.

Marie Tulliman / The Woodlands

“This had been the first time in ages that I can remember leaving a doctor’s office and feeling I had received the time and attention I deserved, not to mention educated about what I needed to do to get better, faster. It was an extraordinary experience.”

Michael Rodregez / Spring

“I feel extremely blessed to have been referred to Dr. Amador. She’s a consummate professional, knowledgeable, and concerned with my care. I never feel slighted after seeing her and believe that my overall well being is a great concern to her.”

Shanon Hubard / Houston

“Dr. Amador is an AMAZING doctor! She takes her time with you and talks in my language so I can fully understand. She explains things and checks for understanding, I would recommend her anytime because she is the best!!!”

Janeth Snow / Spring

“I’m in my early 50’s and it was time to do a little something for myself that would help roll back the clock! Magnificat Wellness Center had affordable solutions to meet my needs. I feel pampered and pretty again, thank you Dr. Amador!”

Christ Davis / Spring

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